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David Söderlund

Independent Devops and Platforms Engineer. I keep the peace between humans and computers. I frequently attend tech meetups, and occasional speaker at events.

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Top Skills

DevOps and Platforms Engineer David Söderlund AB

2020 - Current

Independent DevOps and Platforms Engineer

DevOps and Platforms Engineer - Tunstall Nordic PROJECT

2018 - Current

I work in the platform team helping developers and operations to bridge their gap. I've built frameworks, modules, and solutions to bring stateful legacy solutions into CI/CD. When the customer chose to develop against kubernetes, I've helped out in how developers and operations can get the most out of that platform.

Solution Architect - High tech industry PROJECT

2021 - 2022

I designed a SQL Server database application and set up the pipeline to get development rolling with CI/CD out of the gate. I lead a team developing this application to help optimize return of investment in refining raw materials. The application interacts with different users and systems.

Data platform Engineer SolidQ

2013 - 2019

Data Warehouse Developer - Saxo Bank PROJECT

2017 - 2018

I worked as a contractor in a larger team of senior developers. Working in short sprints and with continuous integration through a rigorous process I could work alone on all manner of tasks from the backlog. I’ve worked for example with restructuring and partitioning large clustered columnstore indexes, documenting and automating ETL-patterns and parts of development itself. I also worked on performance tuning and had to coordinate different teams and systems in incident management.

SQL Server Migration - JBT Corporation PROJECT


My employer at the time was hired to migrate SQL Server from 2000 to 2016 and to put guidelines in place for a better operations in the future. I was in charge of solving how SSRS could go from Sharepoint 2003 integrated mode to SSRS 2016 Native. I constructed a suitable path and also built a testing framework for automated report testing for different versions of SQL Server to both test our upgrade path but also isolate any version change bugs or undesired changes.

Invoicing system for health care - Region Skåne PROJECT

2013 - 2017

I held a key role in a complete rework of the invoicing engine for healthcare in Skåne. The new system is controlled through metadata instead of schema changes to address changes over time in the governing contracts of health care in the region. This project made sure that the on staff personnel could perform the duties of the system rather than needing an external contractor while upholding greater levels of speed, results insight, and control. I was also responsible for the integration to a handful of BI-related systems on different platforms.

High speed IoT-solution for Research and Development of industry equipment - High-technology engineering group PROJECT


Me and a colleague built a solution to model, store, and in real time analyze streams of data from sensors on equipment in a workshop with thirty measures at up to twenty-thousand times a second. The solution also covered communication back to the equipment at programmable events in the data stream, a graphical user interface for the analysts and operators of the equipment, and a Data Warehouse for permanent storage.

IT consultant Microsoft Fujitsu

2010 - 2012

Implementation of Forefront Identity Manager - Sandvik PROJECT

2011 - 2012

I have built a Data Warehouse together with a complete ETL process for internal invoicing of IT-Services. The DW is used by business analysts. The assignment also included management and further development of an SSIS solution to automate the update of a CMDB (configuration management database) from roughly ten sources. I persuaded management to include a pre-production environment to guarantee uptime in production which also helped the testing of new changes and set a welcome new precedent in the organization.

Data Warehouse development and administratior - Sandvik PROJECT

2011 - 2012

I had a supporting role in a project concerning life-cycle management of personnel while working for Sandvik It Services. I worked on creating procedures, agents, and solutions tailored for integration to HR-systems, Active Directory and the E-mail solution at the time (Lotus Notes). The system’s primary function is to synchronize user-objects throughout their respective life-cycles and can provision or remove ad-accounts, email-accounts and group memberships when objects are created/updated/removed in the HR-system. I also helped out in the HR-system to make sure that the integration conformed to best practices on both ends. Lastly I built a smaller data mart with simple reports to help out with monitoring of the system during its initial roll-out.

System developer and database administrator Carnero

2008 - 2010

I worked with building ERP-systems on the ATAIO framework meaning a lot of our business logic resided in a database. This is where I learned and got interested in data modeling and automation. My primary assignments were to, given a description of the customers operation, leveraging close contact with key personnel, to develop a tailored ERP and CRM system that covered everything that was needed in day to day operations. In the assignment I also carried out the final implementation of a new system and the education for the end-users. The applications incorporated SSRS for different kinds of documents such as invoices to end-customers and dashboards for KPIs to be used internally. I also built a complete salary engine that connects time-reporting to payroll through a sophisticated layer of matrices governed by agreements in the hiring of each employee.


Applicable Computer Science – Internet technology

2006 - 2008

University of Gävle, Sweden

Tekniskt gymnasium

2003 - 2006

Göranssonska skolan, Sandviken, Sweden



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