Bold && Brave is a small size independent digital agency, creating cutting edge digital products for ourselves and our clients.

We are a group of passionate UX designers, technologists and software developers. Being business oriented and data driven by starting small, get quick wins, and avoiding vendor and technology lock-ins. And then elevate.

We help clients dare to take the next brave digital step. As the indie stars of the industry, we know what works, survives and thrives in the highly competitive and ever changing digital landscape.

We get you

The way we see it, it’s getting harder and harder to cherry-pick the right people to get the important stuff done. In a time when digital competence and experience is more decisive than ever for your business to stay ahead of the game.

While there indeed are many talented people out there doing game-changing things in tech and innovation, it is increasingly hard to get hold of the them to do the job. A growing portion of experienced digital specialists run their own business, and others are tied down to contracts, non-disclosure or non-compete agreements. Or, you’d get bogged down by a vendor lock-in if you tried to catch a hold of them.

Bold && Brave will help you drown out the noise of aggressive salespeople trying to sell you services and platforms you don’t need, high-stakes fine print, multiple add-ons that don’t actually bring value, and promising you the sun, the moon and the stars.

Start small, then elevate

Bold && Braves approach to product development is to start out small, focus on your immediate business needs and validate ideas and solutions in shortest possible increments.

By adhering to these principles, you get awarded with quick wins, avoid upfront expensive platform and vendor lockins, and added business resiliency by quickly adopting to change and access to cutting edge technology and services.

Who we are

Contact us

Boldbrave AB, Org nr: 559191-0392, Box 279, 20122 Malmö. Visit us: Baltzarsgatan 25, Malmö