Creating a future-proof
e-commerce experience

This is the story how we transformed Kjell & Companys's online presence by providing a state of the art new e-commerce experience, and identifying and removing friction and bottlenecks in the online shopping flow. All colored by Bold && Brave native principles on being humble, work in short increments and a pure data driven approach.

What we did: UX-design, development
Client: Kjell & Company
Services: Innovate, Elevate

The client

Kjell & Company is one of Sweden's strongest brands and is a leading actor in Swedish retail. The company has more than 30 years of experience in consumer electronics, and impressing 120+ stores in both Sweden and Norway.

The case

In 2019 Kjell & Company, partnered up with Bold && Brave, to develop the next generation e-commerce experience. A solution that would contain all the best from the existing platform, and add up the latest in design and technology in order to improve the digital experience for existing and new customers. Key objectives also included uniformity and flexibility between digital and physical stores throughout the customer journey, and providing customers with a robust online service, at scale.

In a very short space of time, Bold && Braves's fresh ideas and visualisation of how to improve our e-commerce experience, made us see what our site could look like, inspiring us to push forward and deliver.
Martin Knutson / CTO, Kjell & Company
Martin Knutson CTO, Kjell & Company

The research and design phase kicked off with on site, intense collaboration in project team, consisting of Kjell & Company stakeholders, Bold && Brave UX designer and external implementation partner. In order to work structured and incrementally, design and requirement work was batched into focus areas, with pain points and bottlenecks on existing platform gathered and identified, and functional requirements defined.
During the design process, increments of the design was delivered on a weekly basis as a interactive prototype, shared within client´s stakeholders and project team, enabling for early valuable feedback, fail fast, and transparency into the design process.

The results

Record business growth on the web

Since the new site was launched, sales generated via the web have grown faster and larger than ever.

Systematic design

We designed with the future in mind, and created re-usable elements that helps ensure consistency across the site and increases the speed of production in future projects.

An upskilled team

By co-locating part time in Kjell & Companys’s office, our team were able to quickly level up and adopt a more agile way of working. While working closely with Kjell & Company we were able to collaborate every step of the way, essential for when delivering a project at speed.

The next step

After completed implementation and a successful go live, Bold && Brave have now extended the partnership with Kjell & Company, by providing a full design and development team to further elevate the Kjell & Company's online experience. We are excited to be part of this journey together with Kjell & Company, and are confident it can generate yet another Bold && Brave success story.

For more information contact:

Johan Rosengren, UX-Designer, Bold && Brave
Johan Rosengren UX-designer, Bold && Brave

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